Molten Iron Composition Analyzer in front of Furnace

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Main Features

The analyzer adopts electromagnetic interference resistance, dust proof, ultra-thin and portable design, easy to operate, non-professional personnel can operate, can be connected with other electronic equipment.

The analyzer is equipped with multiple lines, in view of different type of molten iron and the actual situation of molten iron, each factory can choose the suitable line, to make the detection more scientific and accurate.

The analyzer works by improved evaluation methods, can automatically control the important metallurgical parameters, satisfy the requirement of the foundry production quality control; can remedy deficiency what "spectrum" is difficult to measure nonmetallic elements (C, Si) accurately, and the time requirement that conventional instrument can't satisfy the rapid analysis .

Main technical parameter

1.Measuring function: thermal analysis for white iron, grey cast iron, nodular cast iron
2.Measuring parameter: measure CEL、C、Si、TL、TS、△T、△TM; measure strength of extension(Rm), hardness(HB)
3.Temperature range: 1250℃~1350℃
4.Measuring range: C:2.1~4.2%  Si:0~5.0%  CEL:2.5~5.0%
5.Accuracy:≤±1℃ CEL±0.047% C±0.05% Si±0.1%
6.Display: 4-digit LED display, letter height:50 mm, resolution:1℃
7.Operation mode: choose required parameter pressing Key 9 ,”Auto” displays CEL,C and Si circularly, adjust the content of “Si” by rotating the potentiometer, adjust the content of “C” by internal potentiometer.
8. Working parameter: Power AC220V/50HZ,30W,
9.Environment temperature 0~50℃
10.Temperature compensation range: 0~15℃
11.Matched Carbon Cup type: K
12.Temperature Unit: Fahrenheit or Celsius
13. Max measurement time: 240seconds( generally 1 minute 45 second)
14.Display of measuring condition: display circularly Green Light, Yellow Light, and Red Light for “prepare”, “measure” and “finish”.
15. Protection standards: IP65 protection standard
16. EMC Standard: Perform anti-interference standard of EN50081-2 and EN50082-2.
17. The instrument can directly display the test result,and print automatically CEL,C,SI,Strength of extension(Rm), Hardness(HB), Peak, TL,TS and SC.

Carbon Silicon Analyzer: 1 set;
Support: 1 set

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