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Ⅰ Target Market

1, steel mills throughout the whole country
2, affiliated companies of steel mills
3, foreign trade companies with customer resources

Ⅱ Detailed Description

Foreword: the oxygen in molten steel has a significant critical impact on the quality of molten steel, yield, and consumption rate and ferroalloy. As the production scale of rimmed steel, balanced steel, continuously cast steel with aluminium deoxidation and the external refining technology of molten steel are widely used, it is urgent to calculate the oxygen content in molten steel in a fast, accurate and direct way, so as to control steelmaking operations, improve quality, and reduce consumption.
To meet the above production requirement, oxygen probe is designed as a kind of metallurgy detection probe of measuring the oxygen content in molten steel and the temperature of molten steel.

1, Application:
Used for LF, RH and other refining stations, oxygen probes measure oxygen activity arriving at the stations and in the treating process, which can guarantee the deoxidizer addition, shorten the refining time, help develop new varieties, improve technology, and promote steel purity.

2, Main Features and Range of Application
Oxygen probe has two types: high oxygen probe and low oxygen probe. The former is
used to measure the temperature and high oxygen content of molten steel in converter, electric furnace, refining furnace. The later is used to measure the temperature and high oxygen content of molten steel in LF, RH, DH, tundish, etc.

3, Structure


4, Principle:
"Solid dielectric concentration cell oxygen-content test technology" was applied in oxygen probe, which allows to measure the temperature and oxygen content of molten steel at the same time. Oxygen probe consists of half-cell and thermocouple.
Solid dielectric concentration cell oxygen-content test is composed of two half-cells. wherein one is known reference cell of oxygen partial pressure, and the other is the molten steel. The two half-cells are connected by oxygen ions solid electrolyte, forming an oxygen concentration cell. Oxygen content can be calculated from the measured oxygen potential and temperature.

5, Features:
1) The oxygen activity of the molten steel can be measured directly and rapidly, which is helpful to determine the amount of the deoxidizing agent, and change the operation of the deoxygenation
2) The oxygen probe is easy to operate. Measurement results can be obtained just 5-10s after inserting it into the molten steel.

Ⅲ Main Technical Indicators:

1, Measuring Range
Temperature range: 1200 ℃ ~ 1750 ℃
Oxygen potential: -200 ~~ + 350mV
Oxygen activity: 1 ~ 1000ppm

2, Measurement Accuracy
Oxygen battery reproducibility: Steel LOX activity ≥20ppm, the error is ± 10% ppm
Steel LOX activity < 20ppm, the error is ± 1.5ppm
Thermocouple accuracy: 1554 ℃, ± 5 ℃

3, Response Time
Oxygen cell 6 ~ 8s
Thermocouple 2 ~ 5s
Whole respond time 10 ~ 12s


4, Efficiency of Measurement
hyperoxia type ≥95%; hypoxia type ≥95%
● appearance and structure
See KTO-Cr at Figure 1
● supporting instruments Figure 1 Sketch map of temperature and oxygen measurement probe
1 KZ-300A Microcomputer meter of temperature, oxygen and carbon
2 KZ-300D Microcomputer meter of temperature, oxygen and carbon
● Ordering Information
1, Please specify a model;
2, Length of paper tube is 1.2m, which can also be customized according to user needs;
3, Length of lances are 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m, which match with user’s need.

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